Cemetery District Meeting minutes 4/25/22 (draft)

Skagit County Cemetery District #3, Monthly Meeting Minutes April 25, 2022

Attending: Commissioners Dan Burnett, Andy Leech, Adam Veal; Treasurer Angie Veal; (incoming Treasurer) Brenda Griffin; Secretary Lynn Flory

Meeting called to order 7:07pm

Minutes of 3/28/22 approved as read

Old Business: 

1) Payment was made in the amount of $1,322.75 to Chronicle RIP Pty (?) Ltd by Commissioner Leech on 

March 31, 2022 for cemetery management program.

2) Chronicle RIP program placed in service and unrecorded sales have been entered into the program.

3) One of the maple trees planted near the fire house did not survive the winter; Commissioner Veal will remove the dead tree and replace it with a new one.

New Business:

1) Skagit County Auditor’s Letter “Exit Recommendations, Skagit County Cemetery District #3, Audit Period Ending : 12/31/20”

      a. The audit noted that meeting minutes failed to adequately document voucher approval, including voucher number, totals, and/or the separation of payables from payroll expenditures.

      b. The audit noted that the District did not maintain written and approved time reports for related amounts.

      c. The audit found that the District lacked adequate original supporting documentation for disbursements; (records were provided to the county and not retained at the district).

2) Corrective actions were reviewed and will be implemented to address the issues noted above.

      a. Improved attention to detail recorded in minutes; voucher numbers will be added in year, month, day format, ex. 20220430

      b. Timecards were distributed to commissioners and staff

      c. Records will be maintained for all vouchers and reimbursement requests

 3) Following Commissioner Leech’s in person meeting with County Auditor and Treasurer staff, Calina, Accounting Office, and Bridget Ibarra, Chief Deputy Treasurer, Commissioner Leech briefed District staff on current financial management procedures.

Memorial Day (May 30th) observance plans finalized, posted to MyGuemes.org, Lifetime.org; flag placement 5/27; ceremonies and tour begin 10:00am (in coordination with GICCA events that day to celebrate Schoolhouse Park stage opening)

Reimbursements presented and approved: (awaiting voucher numbers) 

1. To Andy Leech: $129.99 for Lenovo tablet, ZA5W0029US (for use in field for plot choices and sales); Chronicle RIP software $1,322.75 invoice INV-0164

2. To Adam Veal: (awaiting amount) for grounds maintenance

3. (Awaiting payroll requests, if any)


Staffing review: Commissioners Dan Burnett, Andy Leech (unpaid), Adam Veal; Treasurer Angie Veal; (incoming Treasurer) Brenda Griffin; Secretary Lynn Flory; IT Consultant Sandy Prescott (volunteer)

Informal meeting (flag placement) scheduled for May 27th, 2022 7:00pm, Edens Cemetery, visitors welcome

Meeting adjourned 8:20pm

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