Guemes Island Cemetery District:

Cemetery District Special Meeting Minutes July 6, 2020

Attending were:

Commissioner Daniel Burnett

Commissioner Adam Veal Commissioner Andy Leech Secretary Treasurer Angie Veal

Commissioner Leech called meeting to order at 7:08 PM Minutes from June approved.

New Business:

We would like to have a levy increase for the cemetery. If we could increase our levy by a couple of pennies on the $1000, we could make some improvements at our cemetery. Examples are a green screen between fire hall, purchase a new lawn mower, landscaping to improve our cemetery, improve the site lines, print new maps, have occasional surveys done, new bench, etc.

Commissioner Leech suggests a columbarium and a rain garden. We would of course need to ask the islanders if these are wanted.

Commissioner Burnett pointed out that we could expand the cemetery and develop the back area of the cemetery.

Resolution proposed to increase our levy to 4 cents per thousand dollars assessed value from our current 1.5 cents per thousand. To be assessed this year and collected in next years taxes.

This is regarding Resolution 2020-7.

Commissioner Burnet makes a motion for a ballot measure for a levy lid lift this year and perpetually each year afterward. Commissioner Veal seconds. Motion passed.

Commissioner Leech will post a letter of explanation on by Monday of next week. This letter will also ask the public for statements for and against the levy lid lift.

Commissioner Leech makes a motion to pay bills and payroll.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 27 July at 7:00 pm on the library porch.